How to Detect Faulty Coil Pack

May 11, 2023 By transerv 0

The coil pack has a major role in starting the car and keep the engine running without any trouble. The spark plug in the engine requires a high voltage for creating a spark and starting the combustion process. The coil pack does the job of producing that required high voltage. The engine won’t start, and your car won’t function smoothly if there’s any problem with this component. So, you need to be aware of bad coil pack symptoms because any problem with it will lead to engine performance issues.

Faulty Coil Pack Symptoms

The engine is misfiring.

The car engine making louder sounds than usual.

Engine is idling roughly.

Flames coming out of the carburetor.


Blinking engine lights.

A drop in RPMs during acceleration.

Exhaust puffing smell of fuel.

Engine light coming on.

The car won’t start.

If you are having any of these problems, take your car to the nearest Transerv Fitment Centre and our team of experts will be at your