Solar products and systems available at Transerv

February 13, 2024 By transerv 0

Transerv is fully stocked with genuine solar products, you can get your 330watts Solar Panels, 410 watts Solar Panels, 550 watts solar panels. All Jinko and Canadian solar panels, all available at your nearest Transerv branch nationwide. You can also get lithium batteries at all Transerv branches, 12V100AH lithium Battery available at Transerv, 24V100AH lithium Battery available at Transerv, 48V100AH lithium Battery available at Transerv, 48V200AH lithium Battery available at Transerv. You can also get MPPT hybrid inverters at all Transerv branches, these are 1.5 KVA hybrid inverter, 3.2 KVA hybrid inverter, 6 KVA hybrid inverter, 5 KVA hybrid inverter, 10 KVA hybrid inverter. All these are backed by warranties. Civil servants can buy these products on credit at all Transerv branches nationwide zero deposit. Layby option available. 

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