Tyre separation

April 19, 2023 By transerv 0

Tyre tread separation is a potentially dangerous condition wherein the tread of the tyre separates itself from the casing or body of the tyre.


Overinflation, or excessive tyre pressure, of the tyre can cause accelerated wear, overheating and reduced ability to absorb road shocks. Be sure to inflate your tyre to the appropriate level to protect your car’s tyres and driving performance. At least once per month, you should use a tyre pressure gauge to check on all four tyres and the spare. The pressure check should be done when the tires are cold, or have not been driven more than one or two kilometres.

Careless driving habits can also cause damage to tires that can lead to tire tread separation. Potholes can cause particularly dangerous conditions for tire treads. Tires are designed to withstand large potholes at low speeds, and small potholes at higher speeds. But when a car drives over a large pothole at high or near-freeway speeds, it can genera